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COVID-19 Plans & Policy

We recognize the constantly changing COVID-19 situation around the world is an unprecedented time for everyone — a time that, for many, is filled with uncertainty. Our hearts and thoughts go out to each and every one of you.

We want you to know you have our commitment to continue providing services you can depend on. In response to the current situation, we’ve taken extra safety measures and implemented a plan to ensure your health is put first.

First and foremost, our plan focuses on the health and safety of our customers and drivers, following the CDC guidelines. We strongly recommend the following:

-Wash your hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds.

-Disinfect high touch areas, such as cell phones, counters, and door handles.

-Practice social distancing by staying 6 feet away from others as often as possible.

-Wear masks when you’re out in public. Here are some examples of CDC approved masks.

-Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms.

-Try to not touch your own face as much as possible.

-If you are feeling sick, stay home and don’t risk spreading germs.

For a full list of CDC recommendations, checkout their webpage on prevention here:

We want to help anyway we can and know shopping for essentials must continue. We recommend buying online and avoiding high traffic stores if possible. As always, we’re available to pick up online purchases at any store and deliver them to you.

If you have any questions or concerns about your delivery options, our support team is standing by at

Our team remains vigilant as we continue to monitor the situation. Regardless of what happens, our goal remains the same: to provide the safest and highest quality experience day in and day out.

Together we’ll get through this. Please be safe and stay healthy.

-The BE LUX Team

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