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Discover the Future of AI and Creativity at the Rolling Out Ride AI Conference This Weekend

This weekend, the Rolling Out Ride AI Conference is set to unfold at the heart of Atlanta, GA, at the esteemed Morehouse University. As someone who has previously engaged with Rolling Out Magazine and participated in the Ascend Atlanta Program at Morehouse, the anticipation for this event is particularly personal and electrifying.

The conference is a beacon for African American business owners, industry leaders, innovators, students, creatives, and enthusiasts from across the U.S., aiming to explore the latest trends and advancements in the Black creative economy. With an agenda packed with panel sessions, inspirational keynotes, and networking opportunities, this year's event promises to elevate thought processes, enhance crafts, and foster an environment ripe for innovation and growth.

Exploring the AI Landscape: A Decade of Innovation

Having been involved in the AI space for over a decade now, it's exhilarating to witness the evolution and recognition of AI's potential in transforming businesses and communities. Our journey began with our BE LUX AI based software platform several years ago. We were eventually able to pitch our growing business at Morehouse University with the Ascend Atlanta program. The progress and developments in the AI space since then have been nothing short of revolutionary, and we're thrilled to be part of this journey with our platform.

One of the highlights of this year's conference will undoubtedly be Van Lathan's keynote speech. A visionary thinker and an influential voice in discussions about AI, culture, and society, Lathan's presence promises to be both enlightening and inspiring. His work, particularly in challenging cultural norms and exploring the ethical considerations of AI, aligns closely with our own ambitions and the broader aspirations of the conference. Lathan’s perspective on using AI to not just anticipate fears but to foster help and progress is a narrative that deeply resonates with our vision.

A Reasons To Attend This Conference

Here are seven compelling reasons to not miss Van Lathan at the conference, emphasizing his visionary perspective on AI, the importance of respecting legacy while moving forward, ethical considerations of AI, and the potential for AI to redefine entrepreneurship and empower diversity in technology. Lathan's call for intellectual curiosity and bravery in exploring AI's potential echoes our own beliefs in the transformative power of technology.

As we look forward to the Rolling Out Ride AI Conference, we also want to remind our community that some tickets are still available. This is a unique opportunity to engage with some of the brightest minds in various industries and to be part of a transformative experience that could shape the future of AI and the Black creative economy.

Upcoming BE LUX Newsletter with Updates from Consumer AI Space

Our upcoming March Consumer Newsletter will dive deeper into our product development and other AI developments that may interest consumers. Stay tuned for more updates and insights that aim to empower and inform.

For those interested in joining us at this pivotal event, find more information and secure your tickets at Rolling Out Ride AI Conference. Let's come together to explore the vast possibilities of AI and to celebrate the achievements and potential of the Black creative economy.

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