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A Few of the Cars Added to Atlanta Rental Fleet

Were’re very exited to present a few of the vehicles that are added to our rental car fleet. Thanks to our exclusive partnership with the Fast & Exotic Car club we are able to bring you these awesome cars! This is another area we are very excited to share with our subscribers.

2019 Chevy Camaro, 2019 Mercedes AMG63, 2019 Range Rover, 2019 Toyota Supra, 2019 Ford Mustang, 2019 Dodge Hellcat, 2019 Nissan 350 Z 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia.

We look to be the first Car share program with the amazing new 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA available for rent. Be sure to check back to find out when it hits our fleet.

More than just a care rental organization we are creating a membership based car sharing club and program that uses technology platforms and shared mobility to create a unique club experience for our members and partners alike. Our members are allowed to utilize our club cars for their own personal use.

We have several programs available that will be coming online for every level of vehicle from Ford and Chevrolet to Lamborghini and Ferrari

We are very excited for this Development as this was the starting point for the BE LUX Experience. There are several membership clubs across the country and enthusiast car people around the world we look forward to partnering with and working with!

Please excuse the terrible editing done on this short video will have some better work done soon but this has been a project over a decade in the making so just sharing a bit of the history as we prepare for the most exciting things still to come.

Thanks to Xtreme Experience for the awesome track experience in their Ferrari which is not in the above video.

But check out the post we shared that made it to their social feed. Looking forward to my next trips around the track and maybe the streets as well!

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