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Launching our Crowdfunding Campaign

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Launching our First Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo

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Learn more about our BE LUX All-In-One platform and Subscribe for updates to our upcoming Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for Marketing our App Launch.

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Special Early Bird Perks!

BE LUX is so much more than just a Mobile App. Our teams passion for Technology and Innovation has led us to develop this completely unique marketplace platform and service solution over the past several years of meticulous research and development. As we eagerly prepare to release our latest software version to the world we want to give a very special reward to those early customers, beta testers, and users whom are also tech enthusiasts and early adopters such as ourselves. Some of these perks include but are not limited to: Discounted Services, Discounted Membership, Exclusive Merchandise and Exclusive Access to special events, and other planned community activities.

Access To NFT Release info & Digital Artwork Collection

BE LUX is jumping into the Metaverse with some exclusive WEB 3.0 projects which are yet to be released! Get Exclusive access and much more before anyone else.