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Philanthropy and using Technology to give back

Philanthropy and using Technology to give back

Luxury without compassion for the less fortunate is the highest form of ignorance. There is no achievement or success without helping others.

Some of the work we are most passionate about is our philanthropy and efforts in developing countries and emerging markets. These regions possess an abundance of resources and opportunities for those willing to invest in making long term infrastructure improvements and other stabilizing efforts.

The projects and work we are currently involved in remote areas of the world have some of the most amazing natural beauty and landscape yet lack basic modern infrastructure and resource to live effectively. No, this isn’t a feed the hungry children infomercial on television.

But we are actively using a portion of our profits to invest in international projects we feel will benefit communities in emerging markets.

We have established mechanism to verify the use of these funds. In addition we are working with new technologies and creating innovative ways to better contribute and monetize efforts towards these objectives.

There are several very promising projects in Fintech and Blockchain which we believe can greatly contribute to developing markets.

Senegalese born recording artist Akon has most notably been someone to make some great strides forward in the use of Blockchain technology in his Native Homeland of Senegal.

We have long since before recent growing interests in the space been very Bullish on the opportunities of Crypto Currency to assist in developing economies. Africa has is one of if not the largest consumer marketplace in the World! The implications of a borderless financial system across the continent is something we are very interested in and willing to hedge our bets towards the future of development in this sector.

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