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The Year in Review: Best of Luxury Trends in 2019

What a Time to be Alive!

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We are so pleased to share with you our very first article for the BE LUX brand. We start in the beginning by taking a look back at the past and a brief history of luxury. In ancient times lavish clothes, foods, and other goods were something to distinguish the socially elite, Royalty and Nobles from commoners. Ancient Greek philosophers Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle recognized that luxury would not only be an inevitable element of civilized society, but a defining one. Plato went on to describe a Luxurious State in his story of the Republic. Even the Bible describes the wealth and opulence of King Solomon as something to be revered. Throughout ancient history figures such as Mali’s Mansa Musa and other great figures left epic tales of their incredible wealth and lavish lives. Though these ancient figures have long since past the trends and a lifestyle of Luxury remain.

In the Luxury Business, you have to build on heritage. Bernard Arnault

Surprisingly today’s definition of luxury has not changed very much. Luxury fashion and trends have attached themselves to ultra premium brands and activities that are associated with those of great wealth and power.

Some of the top fashion trends of the year come from the traditional European brands that have become synonymous with Luxury such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, .

This years top transportation trends are an area of particular interest to all of us here. We saw incredible releases from the top automotive brands such as Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, and Bentley all of whom released their SUV models this past year. Electric and eco-friendly hybrid vehicles have also began to surge in sales as affluent consumers are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment. Luxury Yachting and boating in general saw stable growth this year as large builders continue to recover from the global recession that affected most of these type of luxury purchases just a few years ago. International yacht shows such as the Croatia Yacht week, the Monaco, and Dubai Yacht shows are just a few of the major global boating events that continue to grow in popularity annually. The Aviation industry is yet another area of particular interest. Private aviation continues to grow in popularity as tech brokerage companies expand fractional ownership and usage through membership platforms. We are very excited to see these advances within aviation that allow more and more consumers the ability to enjoy higher levels luxury in flight.

The technology trends of the year are equally incredible as innovation reaches new heights in several industries. The Internet of Things promises to deliver new opportunities to our environment in ways we could have never predicted. Paired with 5G technology we will become even more connected to the world around us than ever before. Autonomous vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, and robotic machines will continue to develop as these trends continue to advance. Data security will continue to become more of an issue as Affluent consumers continue to lose trust in facebook and other social media brands. The mounting negative media coverage of social brands such as Facebook who have put users at risk due to hacking incidents and privacy invasions has caused affluent consumers to abandon these platforms. According to The Luxury Institute, “One in five affluent consumers are reportedly actively discouraging friends, family or other people they care about away from these channels.” The report predicts “consumers will continue to abandon, or curtail participation, in the most egregious social media sites in 2019. Expect the savviest luxury advertisers to follow suit.” (Source) AR or Augmented Reality is another interesting tech trend to watch out for. Advances in drone and electric vehicle technologies are also expected to continue as regulations and battery usage become more sustainable.

Top Travel trends of the year

Top Lifestyle trends of the year.

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