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BE LUX Last Mile Delivery Solution

There is no doubt about it, demand for last mile delivery has taken off in the last five years and continues to grow at a rapid rate. It’s growing so fast that every business vertical is struggling to keep up and find a last mile delivery option that fits their budget and their customers expectations. Everyone, from small and medium sized businesses (“SMBs”) to retail giants like Amazon is working to find the perfect formula, but up to this point still haven’t found the ideal mix of speed, convenience, visibility, reliability and customer support. Setting up a last mile delivery strategy that can accomplish all five is no easy feat. According to Capgemini, last mile deliveries account for 50% of all delivery costs, while 45% of consumers are still dissatisfied with their delivery experience.¹ These stats point to a major disconnect between the idea of a great last mile delivery strategy and the implementation of it. Businesses must rethink their last mile strategy if they want to stand out in 2021, so how are businesses reimagining their plans? And what are they doing to make them work?

Common Issues With Standing Up Last Mile Delivery

In order to solve last mile delivery challenges, we must first identify those challenges and common issues. What are those hang ups that businesses of all sizes run into?

  • Startup Costs: Price is a major obstacle in setting up and maintaining delivery for customers. The cost of investing in vehicles, covering insurance costs, hiring delivery drivers, and paying for software to optimize delivery routes takes time and money. For a closer look at the cost of delivery, we took a deep dive into a cost benefit analysis that highlights the price of standing up your own delivery system.

  • Customer Support: While a superior delivery experience revolves around speed and reliability, consumers also want more customer service, tracking and scheduling options. An excellent same day, last mile delivery option for big & bulky items requires an exceptional level of support along with speed to make the whole experience seamless.

Our customer service & advanced technology is what separates BE LUX from other potential delivery partners. We are a same day delivery partner designed to deliver large items faster with better transparency than traditional last mile partners.

What Does Last Mile Delivery Look Like In 2021?

Successful delivery must extend past speed. It also needs to balance convenience, price, reliability, visibility, and customer support. Consumers will notice when one area is lacking and it will negatively affect the entire delivery experience. So how are people rethinking their last mile delivery plan to provide a balanced, top tier delivery option? They are prioritizing customer service and communication. Investing in tools like real-time tracking and offering precise delivery times gives the customer more control and trust in the last mile process. BE LUX is designed to offer the reliable delivery option your customers want by combining an innovative platform with real time tracking, industry leading customer support, and a team of logistics experts who will help identify how BE LUX can best support your business. We’ve partnered with national retailers to help build a plan for last mile delivery that caters to their needs. Our business team is ready to do the same for you by offering a free analysis of your current logistics plan and offering ways how we can boost your delivery strategy.

Whatever issues your supply chain had last week, whether it was overhead costs, inefficient scheduling, not enough staff for customer service, or if you need more organization on your delivery docks, any and all of those headaches could be gone by partnering with BE LUX.

BE LUX is a Leader In Same Day Delivery

BE LUX is a big and bulky, last mile service that unlocks on-demand delivery capabilities by combining a unique tech-enabled platform with a virtual fleet of delivery professionals. We can be your main source for last mile delivery, or an extension of your existing logistics network for large item, same-day delivery. We’ve activated same-day delivery for top brands nationwide and continue to grow, bringing an enhanced delivery experience to industry-leading companies. Learn how BE LUX collaborated with a national retailer and boost their sales by over 20% and supercharge your own logistics network by booking now:

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